Northern Pike

(Esox lucius) 561
Caught by:
vitus ViTalijus Grigaliūnas
Weight: 8lb 9oz
Time of catch: 12/23/2013 01:30 PM
Fishing technique Spinning
Location of catch:
Neman River River
Hrodna region, Dzyatlava district, Belarus; ...
Bait/lure: Dam Spoon
Added by: vitus ViTalijus Grigaliūnas
Southwest, 13mph
normal, rising
waning gibbous

Catch comments (3)

3 out of 3
Seneliux Sveikas, Vitalka kur cia tokias gaudai?
vitus Prie Rambyno kalno, Nemuno senvagėje.
lukalukute O man palikai zuvies
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