About us

What is is a portal for anglers. We had the idea of developing a website after we realized that existing websites for anglers don’t present their information very effectively. After deciding on the idea, a group of four friends decided to make it happen. It took over two years of product incubation, team formation, and other necessary actions before the project was ready to launch. Along the way, almost twenty experts from different fields have lent a hand and contributed a substantial amount of input. That is how the final product was born – the key to making your fishing experience more successful.

What is the purpose of

The majority of websites fill their content with a collection of articles and message board posts. This content is only more or less familiar to the most active users of certain websites, or community members who never miss a single new post or a new article on fishing. We believe that such users are the minority. The majority of anglers do not devote hours and hours of time to following message boards, reading articles or other info, missing the essentials. created a different approach to the anglers’ needs. Our aim is to help you plan for more successful fishing trips, and catch more, by saving you time and money. To help you in this, we have created and continue to develop an environment which can help you, the angler, to for example, look for information about where, how, and what bait/lures to use for catching pike, saving you those hours and hours of time that you usually have to spend reading articles and message boards. All you need to do is review short profiles of real summarised fishing reports. After all, a fish that has already been caught can supply a wealth of information, such as the location, bait/lure, meteorological conditions and the time of day the fish was caught, etc. With a few clicks, our systemised information will allow you to find answers to the most relevant questions, like - Where are the pike biting most? What can you expect to catch in the Chew Valley Lake? What's the best bait/lure for chub in spring? What wobblers are best for cyprinids? etc. Such information will allow you to plan your fishing trips more effectively. You’ll be able to learn what lures and baits (e.g. in the body ofwater that you are interested in) have been previously recorded as the most effective, and save on unnecessary expenditure for ineffective products. You’ll be able to find out the nearest place where the fish are biting (e.g. those species that you are interested in) and in such a way, save on time and travel costs.

A social network for anglers

In order to plan more successful fishing trips, you need to review as many fishing reports as possible. It's always useful to have information about a hundred catches instead of one when trying to determine where the best spots are for catching trout. Naturally, the information on each and every catch will not be available publicly (as most anglers tend to conceal information about their favourite spots and catches), but allows you to share information about your catch with a private circle of friends, fishing buddies and others that you might want to share it with. For this reason, we have created separate profiles for each fishing trip – you’ll be able to choose the list of viewers for the information about each individual fishing trip. The website also allows you to contact your fishing buddies, making the exchange of information and communication easier. What's more, you can also send messages, discuss topics on the message boards, and comment on catches.