Northern Pike

(Esox lucius) 1642
Caught by:
nukenksmintojas Alvydas Braskus
Weight: 23lb 2oz
Length: 3ft 8(1/2)in
Time of catch: 05/15/2014 07:51 PM
Fishing technique Spinning
Location of catch:
Juodieji Lakajai Lake
Utenos county, Molėtų district municipality, Lithuania
Added by: nukenksmintojas Alvydas Braskus
Northeast, 14mph
low, change unknown
waning gibbous

Catch comments (5)

5 out of 5
jigmaster Ispudingas laimikis, ant ko pagavote? :)
Rollis Super laimikis !!!
Lukast10 Nuostabiai didelis laimikis jai ne paslaptis ant ko pafavote
jigmaster Nepasakys...
nukenksmintojas Pagauta ant ,,RAPALA,, VOBLERIO ,,CLACING MINNOV,,
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