(Barbus barbus) 192
Caught by:
Spinas Ingrida Kudirkiene
Weight: 8lb 9oz
Length: 2ft 3(1/2)in
Time of catch: 06/28/2020 07:24 AM
Fishing technique Spinning
Location of catch:
Neman River River
Hrodna region, Dzyatlava district, Belarus; ...
Bait/lure: Wobbler
Released: No
Added by: Spinas Ingrida Kudirkiene
West, 4mph
normal, steady
waxing gibbous

Catch comments (5)

5 out of 5
zvejys19 Geras sveikinu.
Spinas Dekui
Lydys7 Kiek svere usoriuks?
barselona15 Karalius,sveikinu,ant ko susigundė?
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