May 6d
2 out of 2
vezys Grazios lydekos Sveikinam
zvejys78 Dėkui, kuklesnės nei 1 kg plaukioja toliau.
March 16d
1 out of 1
zvejys78 Jau link uždarymo
February 5d
2 out of 2
Tom.42418 Gadsden. Whereabouts on the lake? I tried the sw corner today and not even a bite.
zvejys78 90% there wasn't active perch on that place. Depends on the lake, mostly they prefer shallower places near deep.
December 25d
1 out of 1
Liutkus Ešerys liuks...
December 18d
1 out of 1
zvejys78 5 eketės prie švendrių